The Romanian Journal of Intellectual Property Law has been published quarterly (first issue appeared in December 2004), being the only publication in Romania in the field of intellectual property law in which specialists present various analyses, studies, comments, jurisprudence, comparative law, etc. for the purposes of study and implementation of statutory provisions as well as for those interested in learning the conventional rules and Community law on intellectual property.


The scientific and editorial board includes academics from prestigious public and private universities in the country; judges, prosecutors, advocates, solicitors; specialists of the Romanian Copyright Office and the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks, and members of professional organizations operating in the field. Also, the Scientific Council includes academics from prestigious universities in Russia, Hungary and Moldova.


The Romanian Journal of Intellectual Property Law is recognized by the National Council of Scientific Research - CNCS (code - 662) and is indexed on; and - international databases recognized for legal sciences (see Appendix 24 of the Minister of National  Education  and Scientific Research no. 64219/2016)


The name of the "Romanian Journal of Intellectual Property Law" is a registered trademark with the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks under no. 64 219 / 09.06.2004 and belongs to the Scientific Association of Intellectual Property Law.