Andreea Livădariu*


The owner of a trademark that has a reputation in Romania or in European Union may request to court to forbid the infringer from using, without his consent, a sign identical or similar to its trademark, but for products or services different from those which are sold or provided under the trademark. The notorious (well-known) trademark, according to Law no. 84/1998, is the trademark which do not have to be necessarily registered to be under the Trademark law protection. The Romanian doctrine sustain that does exist famous trademarks, too.

In this paper we will try to find (if it does really exist) the difference between notorious (well-known), reputed and famous trademarks, the criteria by which this trademarks shall be distinguished and the means of evidence with wich may be argued the notoriety, reputation or fame of a trademark. We will also present the juridical regime and our analysis will be based on the Trademark law, doctrine and case-law studies.


*doctorand în cadrul Facultății de Drept, Universitatea „Nicolae Titulescu” din București; avocat în Baroul București; e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Studiul a fost susținut în cadrul Conferinței Challenges of Knowledge Society (22.05.2015), organizată de Universitatea „Nicolae Titulescu” din București și publicat în limba engleză în volumul de articole al Conferinței.