Alexander Baumgarten**


Originally intended as an article for the public, where I formulated my assumptions and conclusions in a more allusive rather than explicit manner, aiming to urge the reader to a spontaneous and assumed reflection on the questions I provided him with, the following lines are a reflection on the originality status of a scientific work. I approached the subject from a historical and critical perspective and I implicitly advocated the following sentences: 1. The contemporary conception of originality is affected by cultural assumptions of modernity favouring independence reflection on the author and his independence of the tradition he originates from. 


*Articolul a mai fost publicat pe istoria-ideilor poate spune ceva despre doctorat si plagiat/. La data de 20.12.2016 autorul şi a dat acordul în scris ca articolul să fie publicat şi în Revista română de dreptul proprietăţii intelectuale.
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