Silviu Dorin Şchiopu*


Copying words or ideas from someone else's scientific work is considered plagiarism, the exception in this matter being provided by the Romanian Law on copyright and related rights where it is stated that the use of brief excerpts from a work for the purpose of an examination, commentary, criticism, or exemplification, to the extent to which their use justifies the extent of the quotation, is permitted without the author’s consent, insofar as the quoted fragment is attributed by citation to its original source. However there are circumstances when indicating the source is not customary as it would interfere with the natural flow of the text. On the other hand authors have a moral obligation to credit those who influenced their work and to avoid redundant quotation. Last but not least, especially in the legal domain, what can really make a scientific work original and worthy of attention is weaving together the ideas and words of others with the author’s own vision over a given topic.

* Student doctorand în cadrul Şcolii Doctorale a Universităţii Nicolae Titulescu, Facultatea de Drept, anul I, sub coordonarea prof. univ. dr. Gabriel Boroi, e‑mail : dorinxschiopu@