Ana Maria Marinescu*


Over the past decade, the Government of the Republic of Turkey has been actively engaged in the process of developing its copyright and related rights regime to the international level. A lot of EU projects have been conducted in order to strengthen the capacity in legal, institutional, technical and investment matters related to intellectual rights protection (copyright, related rights, sui generis data base rights etc.). One of these EU projects, started on October 2016, and it’s referring to: ”Strengthening the Turkish Copyright System with a Focus on Fostering Creative and Copyright Based Industries”. I had the pleasure to be appointed as an expert for a mission on this project, regarding the Romanian legislation on registration and holographic sticks system, the Romanian collective management system and their compliance (as an EU state model) with the Turkish legislation. 

The article will present in a general manner the Turkish legislation regarding copyright and related rights, the amendments proposed for the above mentioned legislation and the registration and holographic sticks system. 

 Also, the article will tackle some general recommendations and proposals made for a better implementation of copyright and related rights legislation and the registration and holographic sticks system. 

*Drd., Director General Societatea Autorilor şi Editorilor Români de Opere Ştiinţifice   PERGAM, E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..