Ciprian Raul Romitan*

The present study is the first part of a much broader approach, started in 2009 and will be published in several editions of the magazine.

In the present study, after a laborious documentary, the author makes a short history of writing (from the pictogram ... to phonetic writing) and of the media used for writing (clay tablets, papyrus, parchment, paper), of the writing instruments, of the book and its forms (clay tablets, papyrus roll, parchment), the medieval manuscripts   the Codex, the appearance of libraries in antiquity and in the Middle Ages and, of course, the bibliophiles.

From the first part of the study, we find out about the first documentary attested school in our country, about the first norm for the selection of students in the Romanian education, about the oldest written document in Romanian with Cyrillic letters, about the oldest Romanian text printed in Latin, about the drawings and signs on the Tăbliţele de la Tătăria representing, according to the experts, the oldest writing in the world, about the first libraries and about many others.


*Doctor în drept, avocat asociat SCA „Roş şi asociaţii”, redactor şef al Revistei române de dreptul proprietăţii intelectuale.