1. Doctrine, studies, reviews

Gheorghe Gheorghiu
The impact of matrimonial property regimes on copyright

Alexander Baumgarten
Does the history of ideas have something to say on doctorate and plagiarism?

Daniela Negrilă
Protecting ideas by copyright  Application to the Code of doctoral studies

Bujorel Florea
Reflections on plagiarism (I)

Adrian-Relu Tănase
Unconstitutional and discriminatory management of proving plagiarism in Romania

Silviu-Dorin Şchiopu
Some considerations on the right (obligation) to quote

Ciprian Raul Romiţan
The collection of the compensatory remuneration for private copying by collective management bodies is not a service provision 

Ana Maria Marinescu
Short presentation on Turkish legislation in the field of copyright and related rights

Andrei Pap
On the offences regulated by Law no  8/1996 on copyright and neighbouring rights

Elena Patricia Prichici
Is computer software comparable to a “Trojan horse” in the “city” of copyright?

Teodor Bodoaşcă; Lucian Tarnu
Contributions to the study of the legal regulations on technical creations for which no patent is awarded

Alin Speriusi-Vlad
On the special disputes in the field of intellectual property and the specifics of applications to cancel the patent or the certificate of registration

Nicoleta Rodica Dominte
Unitary Patent in the European legal “agora”

George-Mihai Irimescu
The protection of non-traditional trademarks

Eduard Sorin Pavel
The “relativity” of the absolute grounds for refusal of a trademark

Crenguţa Leaua; Mihaela Maravela
The new generic Internet domain names  Aspects of dispute resolution practice on generic Internet domain names under UDRP

Monica Florina Boţa Moisin; Ioana Cîrstian; Oana Săvulescu; Mircea Obreja; Eliza Trană-Pîslaru
Study on cultural intellectual property as a branch of law  Introductory analysis of international and national regulations on intellectual cultural property


Valentin Constantin
Most cited articles published in law journals 

- CREDIDAM - Romanian Center for Performers Rights Management
- UPFAR-ARGOA - Film and Audiovisual Producers' Union of Romania - Romanian Association of Audiovisual Works Management