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Review by Prof. Nicoleta Elena Hegheş, Ph.D

Drd. Andreea Livădariu [1]

[1] Doctorand şi asistent de cercetare în domeniul Dreptului proprietăţii intelectuale, în cadrul Universităţii „Nicolae Titulescu” din Bucureşti. Avocat colaborator în cadrul SCPA Roş şi Asociaţi


Nicoleta Elena Hegheş*


In the author’s opinion, counterfeiting is one of the biggest scourges of the social and economic life of all states in our time. Among the products targeted by infringers, the said study mentions motor vehicle spare parts such as piston segments, filters, safety belts, oils and lubricants, batteries and tyres.
The author presents and analyses a Study conducted by EUIPO in cooperation with OECD regarding the world trade with counterfeit products in the sector of tyres and batteries


* Prof. univ.dr. Universitatea Creştină „Dimitrie Cantemir” Bucureşti, E‑mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.