Viorel Roş**


According to the author, when speaking about any creator it is wrong to say „he or she was” because artists extend themselves, infiltrate, penetrate into their work and become one with it, they become immortal together with their work, if it is valuable, if it resists the passage of time and tastes, if it does not fall into oblivion, as only oblivion means death for them.
In the author’s opinion, there is no serious work in the field of intellectual (property) rights without Edmond Picard. The distinguished author believes that the jurist Edmond Picard is the founding father of the notion of „intellectual rights”.

** Prof.univ.dr., Universitatea „Nicolae Titulescu” Bucureşti, avocat coordonator SCA „Roş şi asociaţii”, e‑mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.