1. Case law, researches, comments

Gheorghe Bocşan
The responsibility of the doctoral student, the doctoral supervisor and the members of the public support committee of the PhD thesis for violating the rules of deontology in the thesis preparation

Gheorghe Gheorghiu
The damages to intellectual creations in Romania and in other legal systems

Ramona Dumitraşcu
Copyright for software developers. Interpretation challenges in the current economic and sociopolitical context

Mihai Olariu
The legal notion of the plastic artwork from the perspective of the European and Romanian law and the importance of the value of the work

Monica Lupaşcu
Databases. Sui generis protection – protection beyond originality. Disregard of the public domain

Ana Maria Marinescu
System of compensation remuneration for private copies

Viorel Roş, Ciprian Raul Romiţan
The patentable invention. Unpatentable inventories and knowledge and undecided treatment of computer programs

Teodor Bodoaşcă, Lucian Tarnu
Opinions regarding the reformulation of the phrases “usefulness models” and “technical inventions” used in the Law no. 350/2007 on usefulness models

Paul George Buta
Some practical issues concerning jurisdiction on claims for provisional measures concerning intellectual property rights

Ioana Vasiu, Lucian Vasiu
Essential Aspects Concerning the Processing of Personally Identifiable Information

Sorin Eduard Pavel
Matters regarding the forced execution of the final decisions setting the value of expenditure issued by the European Union Intellectual Property Office in the cases regarding the European Union trademarks

George Mihai Irimescu
Some reflections on the UK passing off procedure and the possible applicability thereof at the level of the European Union

2. Scientific events

Conference on the rights of film and audiovisual producers in Romania, held by UPFAR ARGOA  in collaboration with cu ORDA and ASDPI, Sibiu, March 29th 2018

3. Promotion (P)

CREDIDAM – Romanian Center for Performers’ Rights Management
UPFAR ARGOA –Romanian Union of Film and Audiovisual Producers   Romanian Association for Collective Management of Audiovisual Works