1. Legal theory, studies, comments

Gheorghe Gheorghiu
Freedom of creation and moral rights of the author

Viorel Roş
Creators’ right to eternity and intellectual rights

Ana Maria Barbu
The concept of parody in the Union law: the two sides of the coin

Bujorel Florea
What should contain a work about plagiarism?

Ana Maria Marinescu
Organization of musical shows: applicable contracts

Teodor Bodoaşcă
Specific procedural issues on establishing the civil legal liability for failure to observe the rights derived from an invention or from the granting of a patent

Tiberiu Medeanu
Illegality of registration of trademarks referring to Arsenie Boca

Nicoleta Rodica Dominte
The distinctiveness that should cross distances

2. Case law

Copyright. Compensation for non material damage requested for the alleged violation of the moral rights of the author. Assignment agreement. Use of the work as musical background for informative TV shows (Selection and treatment by Prof. Nicoleta Elena Hegheş, Ph.D.)

Absolute reasons for refusal of trademark registration. I. Sign contrary to public order and morality („AVRAM IANCU” trademark). II. Sign consisting exclusively of the product form, that is imposed by the nature of the product, that is necessary to obtain a technical result or that gives substantial value to the product („KIT KAT” trademark) (Selection and comments by Andreea Livadariu, Ph.D. candidate, attorney at SCA „Roş and partners”)

3. Promotion (P)

CREDIDAM – the Romanian Centre for the Administration of Rights of Performing Artists

UPFAR ARGOA – the Union of Film and Audiovisual Producers in Romania – the Romanian Association for the Management of Audiovisual Works               137