1. Doctrine, studies, comments

Viorel Roş, Ciprian Romiţan, Andreea Livădariu
Caragiale and his moral rights or „Năpasta” („The Affliction”) and Caragiale’s afflictions

Teodor Bodoaşcă, Tudor Vlad Sfârlog
Contraventional liability according to the Law no. 8/1996 on copyright and related rights

Gheorghe Gheorghiu
Object of copyright protection. Jurisprudence evolutions

Edmond Gabriel Olteanu
Relation between copyright and real rights: the case of „Cimitirului Vesel" (“Merry Cemetery”) from Săpânţa

Paul Popovici
„Soare Negru” (“Black Sun”): Art and right related to Brâncuşi

Paul George Buta
Protection of neural networks by intellectual property rights

Nicoleta Rodica Dominte
Artificial intelligence versus human intelligence

Cornelia Dumitru
Public domain and immaterial joint fund of mankind. Differences in content and legal regime. Consequences and practical applications

Mariana Liliana Savu
Value added tax and profit tax – is this an issue in the practice of collective management organizations?
Ana-Maria Marinescu
Public lending and its ignoring in Romania

Ştefan Gheorghiu
Equitable minimum remuneration – a controversial issue in the practice of collective management organizations?

Andreea Livadariu
Interpretation of the provisions of article 7 par. (1) letters b) and c) of the (EU) Regulation 2017/1001 on European Union trademark. Lack of distinctiveness. Descriptivity
2. Collective Management Organizations

CREDIDAM The Romanian Center for Performers’ Rights Management