Cristiana Budileanu*


The operation of copyright transfer represents nowadays a slow system for the online environment because of the formalities that must be followed, even if we speak about copyrighted works used for personal purposes or copyrighted works used for commercial purposes. According to most state laws, the use of protected works by copyright is done by the conclusion of individual agreements between the author/the owner of the copyright and the user, the latter being able to use the works under certain conditions and for a certain period. Taking into account the digital age, the speed of information and its easy access, in order to help authors/ copyright owners, but also users of works in the online environment, it has was created in the United States of America a system of common licenses (i.e. „Creative Commons”) which allows the use of online works by any person who observes the conditions of the licenses. The purpose of this article is to present the advantages of these common licenses compared to the traditional use of copyrighted works.

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