1. Doctrine, studies, comments

Ramona Dumitrașcu
Protection of computer software in conventional law

Ioana Vasiu, Lucian Vasiu
Attributes of the criminal copyright infringement phenomenon

Nicoleta Rodica Dominte, Simona Catrinel Avarvarei
DABUS between real and unreal in the world of patents

Viorel Roș, Ciprian Raul Romițan, Andreea Livadariu
Protection of new plant varieties Plants and human food (I)

Cristiana Budileanu
Condition of trademarks representation. From graphic representation to representation in other forms

2. E.U.C.J. Jurisprudence

Copyright and related rights. Concept of ”public communication”. Car rental enterprise that are each equipped as standard with a radio (Selection and processing Phd. Alisa Valeria Toma)

TUE. T-352/19 și T-353/19. Gamma-A/EUIPO – Zivju pārstrādes uzņēmumu serviss. Registered community design, representing packaging for foods. Previous design. Elements actually protected. Grounds for nullity. Informed user. Absence of individual character. Absence of different global impression. Proof of disclosure. Article 6 para. (1) lit. b), article 7 and article 25 par. (1) lit. b) of Regulation (EC) 2002/6 (French translation and abstract – PhD univ. assist. Andreea Livădariu)

Plant varieties. Procedure for declaring the nullity. Cripps Pink apple variety. Novelty. Derogatory grace period. Concept of variety exploitation. Commercial evaluation. Proof elements tardily produced before the chamber of second appeal. Proof elements produced for the first time before the District Court (Selection and processing univ. lecturer PhD Ciprian Raul Romițan).

Trademarks law. Loss of the rights on a trademark for lack of serious use. The right of the trademark owner to claim the infringement of his/her exclusive rights as a result of the use by a third party of an identical or similar sign for the period prior to the date from which the loss takes effect (Selection and processing – univ. prof. PhD Nicoleta Elena Hegheș)

3. Promotion (P)

CREDIDAM – Romanian Center for Performers' Rights Management

UPFAR-ARGOA – Union of Film and Audiovisual Producers of Romania – Romanian Association for the Management of Audiovisual Works