1. Doctrine, studies, comments

Viorel Roş
Applied arts, drawings, industrial models and design, subjected to protection under the intellectual property rights

Gheorghe Gheorghiu
The right to publicly communicate works in the digital environment (Directive 2019/789 of 17 April 2019)

Nicoleta Rodica Dominte, Simona Catrinel Avarvarei
Legal reverberations of the modernization of copyright in Ezra Pound’s view

Ciprian Raul Romiţan
Spouse’s revenue obtained from the exploitation of an intellectual creation

Marinescu Ana-Maria
Theater representation or musical performance contract

Teod0r Bodoaşcă, Lucian Tarnu, Tiberiu Giurea
Opinions on utility models and technical inventions as regulated by Law no. 350/2007

Andreea Livadariu
The analysis of the similarities of the signs when assesing the likelihood of confusion with an earlier trade mark

Ruxandra Vişoiu
Registration of a generic domain name as trademark the booking.com case

2. European caselaw

CJUE. Reference for preliminary ruling. Copyright and related rights. Online video platform. The uploading of a movie without the title holder’s consent. Action for the infringement of an intellectual property right. Directive 2004/48/EC. Article 8. Claimant’s right to 186 Organisme de gestiune colectivă RRDPI nr. 4/2020 be informed. Article 8(2)(a). The notion of „addresses”. E-mail address, IP address and phone number. Exclusion (Selection and processing by Prof. Nicoleta Elena Hegheş, PhD)

TEU. T-557/19. European Union figurative mark 7Seven. No request for renewal of the registration of the trade mark. Cancellation of the mark on expiry of the registration Article 53 of the Regulation (EU) 2017/1001. Application for restitutio in integrum submitted by the licensee. Article 104 (1) of the Regulation 2017/1001. Duty of due care (Selection and processing by Alisa Valeria Toma, PhD)

TUE. T-51/19. Laboratorios Ern v EUIPO - SBS Bilimsel Bio Çözümler. T-53/19. SBS Bilimsel Bio Çözümler v EUIPO - Laboratorios Ern. European Union figurative mark „apiheal”. Previous national verbal mark APIRETAL. Absence of the risk of confusion. Absence of similarity between the products. Absence of similarity between the signs (translation and summary by Lecturer Andreea Livădariu, PhD Student)

3. National case law

Related copyright. Infringement of the connected copyright of phonogram producers. Provision of phonograms to the public, including online, without the owners’ consent (Selection and processing by Prof. Nicoleta Elena Hegheş, PhD)

4. Collective management bodies

CREDIDAM – Romanian Center for the Management of Performing Artists’ Rights

UPFAR-ARGOA – Romanian Union of Film and Audiovisual Producers – Romanian Association for the Management of Audiovisual Works