1. Doctrine, studies, comments

ALAI Group Romania
Scientific Association of Intellectual Property Law International Conference „The challenges of copyright 160 years after their first regulation in Romania and 150 years of moral copyright in the world”

Irina Vasile, Ştefania Boancă
To whom does the patrimonial copyright of Constantin Brancusi sculptural ensemble in Târgu Jiu belong? Logical-legal reasoning

Mihai Alexandru-Laurenţiu
Websites under the magnifying glass of intellectual property: Adblocking

Marius Stanciu, Sorin Niculescu
The DNA of the creation of artificial intelligence. Copyright in generative art

Monica Iancu, Mădălina Arcana
Adjusting the safe harbour regime for content sharing platform operators with respect to copyright infringing content

Vasile Soltan
Deprivation of profit as a sanction in the field of intellectual property

Theodora- Georgiana Nicolăescu
A plea for a unitary copyright law of the European Union

Laura Maria Dima, Corina Mihaela Marcu-Şiman
Critical considerations on ethical liability considering the Law no. 206/2004 on good conduct in scientific research, technological development and innovation

Mădălina-Ioana Petrea
The socio-economic importance of the patent

Andreea Livădariu
Forms of loss of trademark rights in European Union law. The expiry of the rights over the trademark. Expiration of the duration of registration and express waiver of right

2. Domestic jurisprudence

Activity carried out by individuals under contracts for the assignment of copyright. The dependent character of the activity
(selection and processing by univ. lecturer PhD. Ciprian Raul Romiţan)

Public communication of phonograms published for commercial purposes and of artistic performances in the audiovisual field in a multi-story shopping center. The scope of the obligation to pay the remuneration due to performers. Uniqueness of sound source. Single remuneration
(Selection and processing by PhD. Nicoleta Elena Hegheş)

Sale of works of art at public auction. Resale right. The moment from which the limitation period of the material right to action begins to run
(selection and processing by PhD. Alisa Valeria Toma)