1. Doctrine, studies, comments

Teodor Bodoașcă
Opinions on the conditions under which photographs of letters, deeds, documents of any kind, technical drawings and the like, as well as material resulting from an act of reproduction of a work of visual art, are excluded from copyright protection

Cristian Dumitru Miheș
A perspective on the legal framework for the protection of NFT digital works

Gheorghe Gheorghiu
Common regime for intellectual property exploitation contracts following the transposition of Directive (EU) 2019/790

Ana-Maria Marinescu
Right of public lending: same old – new problem

Carmen Oana Mihăilă
Piracy and the reform of intellectual rights protection in music

Constantin Anechitoaie
Right of „first publication” of databases

Sonia Florea
Challenges of procedural law in intellectual property rights

2. European case-law

Industrial design. Conditions for obtaining protection for a component part of a complex product. Concepts of 'visibility' and 'normal use'. Visibility of a component part of a complex product during normal use of that product by the beneficiary
(Selection and processing by univ. lect. PhD. Ciprian Raul Romițan)

European trademark. Preliminary reference. C‑148/21, C‑184/21. Christian Louboutin vs. Amazon
(Translation and summary by lawyer, drd. Ruxandra Vișoiu)

3. National case law

Conflict between a trademark and trade name. Infringement action. The condition of use of the trade name with the function of a trademark
(Selection and processing by univ. lect. PhD. Ciprian Raul Romițan)