Adrian Dănilă*


The article presents brief considerations on the notion of plagiarism.

Plagiarism is a fact that lately has become more pronounced in high school and university environments.

Concerns and issues of copyright in accordance with the notion of plagiarism, and outlines the comments on this issue, highlighted by the best specialists of intellectual property.

Unfortunately we have to work about people's mentality, to explain that alone should deepen and research to achieve material to raise the status of creative effort submit both physically and intellectually on after which even have the satisfaction of having achieved something on his own and that is your own creation.

People should be trained in the sense of respecting intellectual property as it is necessary for them to know that although it may inspire other texts, articles, they can not reproduce them as personal creations.

It can be concluded that plagiarism has kept the original meaning, namely theft, because the intellectual property of a person should be respected and defended in the same way that defends its ephemeral material goods.


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