Magda Popescu*


The latest study on the use of software, conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC) for BSA was released at the end of May 2016. The study finds that the use of unlicensed software decreased globally from 43% to 39% between 2013 and 2015. The rates of use of unlicensed software decreased in 86 countries and rose in only 7. The region with the highest overall rate of unlicensed software was Asia-Pacific at 61 percent, a one-point decline compared with 2013.

The next-highest unlicensed software rate was in Central and Eastern Europe with 58 percent (falling three-points from the rate registered in 2013). Apart from the research on rates of use of unlicensed software and economic impact of this phenomenon, the study adds an analysis of cyber-security threats and the link between the use of unlicensed or counterfeit software, on the one hand, and cyber-security threats, on the other hand, finding strong correlation between malware and unlicensed software - the correlation coefficient is 0.78, where 1.0 is a perfect correlation. Consequently, those choosing to infringe software copyrights end by also exposing themselves to high cyber-risks.



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