Silviu G. Totelecan**


This interdisciplinary paper, a fine combination of juridical studies, arts and socio-anthropology, investigates the digital turn and its effects upon authors and their work, with a special gaze on the nowadays arts world. It starts with a brief historical review of the copyright regulations in Romania, and then introduces issues such transnationalism vision and glocal blending, as inseparable vectors of worldview making in our contemporary times, influencing and leading the future-to-be national strategies for the digital realm. One of the key-concepts launched here is that of telematics machine, seen both as the meta-instrument of art transfiguration into digital image, as much as its backward reconfi-guration. After exposing a few cases that provide glimpses for a better understanding of real virtuality, the end of the article brings to the fore possible ways – outlined after the Creative Commons copyright licenses and the copyleft licensing – of dealing with the intellectual properties in their transition from private commodities to public goods.


* Textul de faţă este un produs derivat (şi totuşi diferit) din comunicarea ştiinţifică „The Telematics Machine: Productivity in the Digital Age and Intellectual Property in Post-capitalism”, prezentare orală pe care am susţinut-o în cadrul sesiunii a V-a („Tehnologia, internetul şi accesul la proprietatea intelectuală”) a Secţiunii III – „Intellectual Property Law: Trends and Transformations in Intellectual Property infringement and enforcement”, din cadrul celei de-a XI-a ediţii a Conferinţei Internaţionale Bienale organizate în perioada 28-29 octombrie 2016 de Facultatea de Drept a Universităţii de Vest din Timişoara şi Centrul European de Studii şi Cercetări Juridice Timişoara.


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